Active Schools

Active Schools

Active Schools Week

Our Active school’s week kicked off in beautiful sunshine on 21st June. A local outdoor and Adventure Company, Redhills, brought great excitement and fun on Day 1 with Go Carts, Archery, Splatball, Team Challenges and Giant Foosball.

The week continued with Our School Fun Run for all classes. The laps completed in the ‘Run Around Ireland’ challenge for the 4 previous weeks really paid off and there was a great sense of achievement for each child as they crossed under the finish line.

We were very lucky to have the use of St. Mary’s hall and Astro for the week.

There was lots of tennis, basketball, soccer, balloon fun, races and obstacle courses to be seen in both.

Thank you to Leon Gordon and Mario Hughes for all the GAA skills taught and fun with team challenges and co-operative games.

The children and teachers also loved the daily challenges and had great fun trying them out!

A fun and Active week all round!

Our Active Work

Active Week

Five days of amazing activites from Fun Runs for both the Junior and Senior students, Red Hills activites Teacher challenges and local heroes alike. 


Active Schools

Active Week 2023


Active School Flag Award

We have achieved the Active School Flag Award. Our next goal is to retain the flag.

An Active School is a school where physical activity is valued, promoted and enjoyed by all.

This award is granted to schools who create opportunities for their pupils to be physically active and who deliver the complete PE curriculum.

In order to successfully take part in this initiative we fulfilled all the criterion areas of Initiatives, Active Yard and Partnerships with Sports people in  the community


On the 1st November 2021 we achieved our goal and we were awarded the

Active Schools Flag

a fantastic achievement!!for the Active Committee, students and community. Our goal is now to maintain and retain the Flag for 2023/2024

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