Erasmus +

Exploring Learning Through Play: Our Erasmus+ Journey
We arethrilled to announce our participation in the prestigious Erasmus+ programme, funded by the European Commission. This exciting initiative has led us to twin up with two remarkable schools: one nestled in the vibrant town of Calamocha, Spain and another situated in the enchanting city of Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Our collaboration isn't just about geographical connections; it's about fostering innovative
educational approaches and enriching experiences for both pupils and educators alike. As part of
this journey, teachers from our school will embark on a transformative adventure, immersing themselves in the educational landscapes of our partner schools through job shadowing.
At the heart of our Erasmus+ project lies a profound commitment to learning through play. Wefirmly believe that play is not just a frivolous activity but a powerful tool for education, fostering creativity, critical thinking and social development in young minds.
Through our engagement with our partner schools, we aim to delve deeply into the dynamics of learning through play, exploring different methodologies, strategies and cultural perspectives. By exchanging ideas, sharing experiences and observing first-hand the practices implemented in Calamocha and Ljubljana, we hope to broaden our horizons and glean invaluable insights into enhancing our own educational practices.
The prospect of this journey fills us with anticipation and excitement. We're eager to immerse ourselves in new environments, to learn from our colleagues abroad and to bring back a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to our own educational community.
Stay tuned as we embark on this remarkable adventure. We cannot wait to share our findings, experiences and discoveries with you all.


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