Science Week '23

Science Week’23

Science week ’23

What a great time we had during Science Week in Mercy Convent! We kicked off the week with an outdoor Magnetic Scavenger Hunt for all of our Junior Classes, while the Senior Classes investigated which material would make the best teabag – we really had to put our thinking caps on for that one! All classes from Juniors to Sixth then conducted experiments with their teacher ranging from dancing raisins, to launching rockets, and even to making string telephones. We also engaged in a home challenge of designing and making a boat that could move in our water feature which was kindly constructed by the ever creative John. The entries to the challenge were absolutely amazing and great fun was had by all who raced their boats.

Science Week 23
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Making slime
Boat Challenge
Skittles Fun
Tea bags
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We rounded the week off with a fantastic surprise demonstration from the Green Schools Committee which consisted of Millie, Kate, Evangel, Hazel, Anabel, Lily, Eleanor, Julia, Elsa, Lauren, Lucy and Rebecca – they did a brilliant job showing each and every class what can happen when weight is evenly distributed. Finally, a huge well done to the entire school for participating in Science Week and a special mention to Mr Ruane, Ms Woulfe, Ms Clancy, Ms Clifford and Mr O Dwyer who organised the activities. Looking forward to next year’s Science Week already!

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